[mythtv] MythTV Demo

Yannick ml.mythtv at free.fr
Thu Aug 7 11:44:33 EDT 2003

On Thu, 07 Aug 2003 01:09:17 -0700, Cecil Watson wrote
> Hello Everyone,
> I'll be demoing Myth this Saturday at the Orange County Linux User 
> Group(oclug.org) this Saturday.  If you live in Southern California, 
> stop by and say hi.  I'll also have a few copies of KnoppMyth.  
> KnoppMyth is my remastered Knoppix with MythTv!  I've still got to 
> work out a few minor issue, but I should have them worked out by 
> Friday.  I've tested it on a few different systems and it works 
> well.  Basically, you use the CD to boot.  After the CD boots, you'd 
> dropped to the BASH, type knoppix-install and about 10 mins(depends 
> how fast you system is) later and a reboot you are presented with 
> MythTv!  If anyone would like to test it out, drop me a line.
> Cecil

 Hello Cecil, 

 I'm trying to build a self made debian based linux distribution with mythtv

 I'd be happy to test your KnoppMyth.

 Is there any way to download a iso image of it somewhere ?

 Thanks !


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