[mythtv] Slight choppiness question

Sam N. Max (snx) snx at rogers.com
Thu Aug 7 01:45:45 EDT 2003

When watching MythTV through tv-out (and I believe it did this on the
monitor as well), I have noticed the video seems very slightly choppy.  This
isn't very noticable normally, however on channels with scrolling news
tickers it becomes an annoyance.  Also, some interlacing issues are
noticable with this setup as well.

I'm using MythTV 0.10, with nvtv set on "Large" (or "Huge", or whatever it
is called), NTSC, with the flicker filter off (it's on a TNT2 with the
slightly older conexant tv-out chip).  Under this setup the image fills the
screen just like on a normal television.  I've tried it with and without the
"experimental a/v" (with the jitter removal on with experimental a/v).

With xawtv, there are no issues with jitterring.  Even the news tickers are
silky-smooth with no interlacing issues (it has the benefit of using video
overlays directly from the tv driver to the screen through XvPutVideo).

Anyway, I was wonderring whether this was an issue with how MythTV uses Xv,
or something else with my setup.  Given my luck with xawtv I think it may be
at least possible to get it looking better.  I do have a somewhat slow
system, a Celeron 1Ghz, though I don't think that's the issue, or at least
the whole issue.  The videos I'm playing are 384x480 mpeg 4, 1800 Kbps.

I do get similar issues with mplayer as well when playing these videos,
though I've only tested with normal Xv output thus far.

- Eron

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