Updated! [mythtv] New version of MythChannels!

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Thu Aug 7 00:39:39 EDT 2003

solving pitfalls...that wasn't the diff for cvs, so need to build mythchannels dir

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  Get it here:

  new features:

  -Analog scan by finetune of the table. I've seen that Europe-west already has almost all the frequencies, so since now is also doing finetune, I hope that this will be enough for Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, non standard channels from some cable companies, etc... Pls, let me know: I'm using a PCTV Pro. I wold like to know if the "finetuned" frequencies I'm getting are also ok for other tuner cards or we have to adjust the finetuned values.
  -Full support of all DVB types. Imports DVB-t and DVB-c channels.conf (from output of the scan driver). Later on, once it has been tested, we can embed that code like Analog scan Also edit of basic channel properties.
  -Setup starting from a clean database. Now You can define also the cards/inputs/sources within mythchannels for DVB, so no need for manual editing of this anymore. Follow the README.DVBsetup for more details.
  -Now only is listed in the tree what makes sense to the user configuration. 

  Don't forget to backup your database first. To setup the database now use mc/cvs or 0.10-to-0.11

  If possible appreciate feedback before saturday, I'm leaving in vacation for a week  ;)
  Also, as always, (constructive) feedback wellcome.


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