[mythtv] Feature Request: Starring

Martin Moeller martin at martinm-76.dk
Thu Aug 7 00:13:25 EDT 2003

Um, so I should have (it categories are implemented in tv_grab_dk):


Is that correctly understood?

Regarding Ed Avis, the modifications I have made are simply in regards
to the functionality the original script provided. The tags match those
in tv_grab_na, for example, but my source doesn't provide sub-titles or
ratings. The ratings thing really doesn't matter. I though it was needed
to get something on the movies page of mythweb1, but it didn't have any
effect. I like the subtitle the way I have it now:

1) If a movie: The original title of the movie.
2) If a series : Episode <episodenum>

It makes it much easier to browse through in MythTV and I doubt it would
annoy anyone not using mythtv. It can easily be pulled again if real
sub-title support ever emerges but I don't think it ever will.

If I don't provide this information in the sub-title field, I have no
way of seeing it in MythTV at all.


ons, 2003-08-06 kl. 19:00 skrev Ben Bucksch:
> Ben Bucksch wrote:
> > You should output 2 category tags - one for the real, human-readable 
> > one and one for the content type (movie, tvshow etc.).
> I forgot to mention that you should output them in *this* order.
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