[mythtv] Unicode in OSD

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Wed Aug 6 00:39:41 EDT 2003

Damn that just too obvious a reason for somebody who's being doing 
nothing but XML the last couple of years. :-(

[after checking] The encoding is very weird and obviously not correct, 
What I see is this for example:

<title>Fabeltiere - Zauberv&#65526;gel</title>

My German is not perfect but I'm pretty sure it should be an o-umlaut. 
Looking up the unicode number for that character shows 0x00F6.
Looking at the number 65526 I realised that this would probably be 
0xFFF6 (which it was of course).
So there is some signed byte/integer mix-up going on somewhere. I'll get 
in touch with the tv_grab_nl_wolf author to see if there's something we 
can do about this.


Isaac Richards wrote:

>On Tuesday 05 August 2003 04:21 pm, Tako Schotanus wrote:
>>Ok, I understand that, I would just have guessed that the default
>>settings would allow for the display of most of the common western
>>european "special" characters (umlauts and such). In fact I still expect
>>this to be the default case and I imagine that is more a case of some
>>misconfiguration in my linux setup. Unless somebody confirms that the
>>default MythTV setup does not support umlauts and such??
>Your guide data is most likely not providing data in the format that the xml 
>says it is.
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