[mythtv] Mythweb2 image cache

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Tue Aug 5 12:01:33 EDT 2003

> I have mythweb2 on the same server as my myth database, but not on my
> mythbackend, with no file access to the recordings.

that doesn't matter for the preview images - they're sent straight from
the backend.

> I set conf.php's 'show recorded pixmaps' to false, but it still wants to
> find the directories, at least.

The directories may eventually be used for things other than the preview
thumbnails, so the code is not dependent upon the flag.  Is there any
reason you don't want the directories there?  I updated the README last
night with info about how to set up the directories to be secure (ie.
`chgrp apache`), so there's no real reason why they should just be able
to live there and be empty.

btw, if anyone knows how to get CVS to create a directory, but ignore
its contents, could you please let me know (probably off-list would be
best).  I'm still new to the whole CVS thing, and it'd be nice to be
able to commit from my live copy of the code without also committing my
image cache and php session data.


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