[mythtv] Unicode in OSD

foofoo A6D90AFE at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 5 14:58:42 EDT 2003

I've seen that.
A) you need to use true type font that supports Unicode (don't remember now
if the one that myth is using by default does).
B) there seems to be some kind of a problem in the sterilization process the
text is going through, its forced to be latin1 when sent from the backend to
the frontend (although the last time I've checked it was around the .7

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Subject: [mythtv] Unicode in OSD

> Although I happily display all unicode entries in the EPG, OSD seems to
lack support of UTF encoding.
> I've tried to add QString::fromUtf8 to several query.value().toString()
functions in the OSD code, but this only got me into displaying ??????????
(question signs) instead of utf-8 encoded strings.
> What is the function that actually responsible for  OSD string display?
Could anyone point me to the right direction?
> Thanks in advance,
> Mike.


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