[mythtv] Fw: DVB Big PATCH, Part I - for CVS pls

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Tue Aug 5 13:30:06 EDT 2003

Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Kenneth Aafl°y wrote:
> >Now, these pids can't contain anything other than audio/video,
> >and can only contain one of each.
> Wrong. You can currently (in CVS, without Ramon's patch) record any
> number of PIDs of any type.
Yup, record...see that now.

> What Ramon's patch does is to split them up into types of PIDs which
> Ramon knows (and he missed at least one type) and to ignore all types
> apart from video and stereo audio. It thus breaks AC3 (if the database
> is used correctly).
But if his patch is missing a type, you can use other until you submit a
patch for it.

Breaks AC3? Just put the AC3 pid in either audio or other?

> >libdvbdev only handles video/audio.
> Nope, it handles all types of streams. (Unless I am missing something.)
Yes, I can see that now. Misunderstood the code a bit.

> >If we where to store for example subtitles (or
> >multiple audio/video) in the recording, how would that affect the player?
> If the player supports them, it would allow the user to see the
> subtitles (or other audio streams), accessed in a way custom to that
We are talking about MythTV here?

Currently the player does not support multiple audio/video streams, audio
gets mixed together into a mess, and video I think crashes the player.

Seems that we need to make some small changes to the Player, so that it uses
the two first streams (for now).


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