[mythtv] Fw: DVB Big PATCH, Part I - for CVS pls

ramon.roca at xcombo.com ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Tue Aug 5 04:18:53 EDT 2003

> What Ramon's patch does is to split them up into types of PIDs which
> Ramon knows (and he missed at least one type) and to ignore all types
> apart from video and stereo audio. It thus breaks AC3 (if the database
> is used correctly).

I didn't touched that, player will still play what is on "video,audio"
pids. Should work just like before. Will even work if there is an user
that still uses the current format and has everything in the video pid.
Now everybody can force the pids to be used by that (note that in fact
apid is the audiopid to be played while changing to that program,
regardless of it's type, the sources I'm using aren't telling me that and
we still don't parse the streams...).

> If the player supports them, it would allow the user to see the
> subtitles (or other audio streams), accessed in a way custom to that
> player. Xine, for example, has a button to switch between audio tracks
> and another one to switch between subtitles.

That will be a good idea to start with, a hotkey to switch between
audiopids/textpids etc. Are you going to implement this?

I'm just wondering If we have to reject all the player just because still
doesn't have that keys implemented... will that make sense?

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