[mythtv] patch to add native lirc support

Dan Conti dconti at acm.wwu.edu
Tue Aug 5 01:24:16 EDT 2003

With this enabled i'm getting (manually retyped)

lirc.cpp: In method `void LircClient::Process ()':
lirc.cpp:62 no matching function for call to `QKeySequence::count ()'
lirc.cpp:68 no matching function for call to `QKeySequence::count ()'
lirc.cpp:70 no match for `QKeySequence &[unsigned int &]'
lirc.cpp:71 no match for `QKeySequence &[unsigned int &]'

I'm guessing i need to update from QT 3.0.5 ? (the docs still say i dont
need QT 3.1)

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This patch adds native lirc support to mythtv. I have one small/strange
bug with it. On the exit screen (after you escape all the way out of
myth) where you have to select what to do, for some reason the Space key
event I send to MythMainWindow does not work.

I've hardcoded the lircrc file to be $HOME/.mythtv/lircrc.

I've attached the patch and the extra files (lirc.{cpp,h}). I'm also
attaching my lircrc.


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