[mythtv] Fw: DVB Big PATCH, Part I - for CVS pls

Kenneth Aafl°y ke-aa at frisurf.no
Tue Aug 5 08:31:09 EDT 2003


Seems to me that all this pid talk is getting out of hand. Right now, we
configure a set of pids, which just get parsed and fed to a mpeg stream.
Now, these pids can't contain anything other than audio/video, and can only
contain one of each. So why not just clear up the mess and split pids into
audio/video. I have no idea how you are going to handle all those other
pids, Ben. At least I cannot see this in the current code, because libdvbdev
only handles video/audio. So there is the need for a different kind of
demuxer and recorder part. If we where to store for example subtitles (or
multiple audio/video) in the recording, how would that affect the player?

Also currently there is no way of even identifying which is which of those
'pids', so the split in the database seems clear to me (and btw. the change
in the recorder to support this is tiny).


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> I don't know what all of this mean.
> After my patch all of this will just behave like before.
> "videopid,audiopid". Therefore can be easily forced manually as before if
> the user wishes. The only diference is that if they are present depending
> the source the user uses (currently it happens only with vdr channels.conf
> files, so since they are customized files, the user might now what he has
> there), they are loaded in a way that the user will recognize which type
> PID is each one.
> If you mean that to apply first I have to write the logic of choose the
> audio pid while playback. Forget about my patch and mythchannels for a
> while. At this point simply I don't have the knowledge for that (we need
> identify dynamically the meaning of each pid, i.e. if its original version
> or translated, language, etc and provide the preferences setup for doing
> that etc.).
> Next week I'm on vacation for a week. Maybe it's not a good idea to commit
> something just the day before I leave. Well, anyway I don't feel that I
> write that logic within a week... or even if I'm interested in doing so
> given the circumstances. All of this doesn't help my enthusiasm, I'm just
> trying to contribute, not get involved in neverend discussions or be where
> I'm not wellcome.
> Also for sure I'm not able to do something like this just alone.
> Have a nice day,
> Ramon.

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