[mythtv] XBOX Frontend, New version

Jack R Hyde jr at jrh.net
Mon Aug 4 20:19:09 EDT 2003

Dennis Cartier wrote:

>Nothing like introducing another bug while your 'fixing' things. ;(
>There is an update mythtv-xbox.0.2.common.tar.bz2 file on my webpage. Use it
>instead of the one included in 0.2.
>mythtv-dev mailing list
>mythtv-dev at mythtv.org
I updated all of my files and finally got it to boot, but mythfrontend 
never launches. I added the correct ip# and the xbox see's the network 
because I can ping it. Guessing it might be the fact that I run the cvs 
version of mythtv and this is v.10? If so how can I update the progfs, 
which is where I am guessing the myth programs are running? Is it a tar 
file or something? Thanks for all your work on this, pretty excited 
about getting it to work, my gf wants a pvr in the bedroom, and the xbox 
would be perfect =)

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