[mythtv] Fw: DVB Big PATCH, Part I - for CVS pls

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Tue Aug 5 00:20:21 EDT 2003

> >
> For recording, it is. Not for plalyback. But we can support it during
> record, even if we don't support it during playback. (I am *sure* that I
> wrote that a few days ago already.) Or, Isaac said that the frontend has
> AC3 support, but you don't use the designated AC3 field. So, a user
> would try to use the AC3 PID field and AC3 support would appear
> broken/unimplemented, only because you didn't add this half line of
> code. So, could you please stop arguing and just add these **** 2 lines?
> (No, I won't, because the current code works just fine in that regard,
> it's your patch which *breaks* AC3 support, from the user perspective.)
> (I am close to going insane here, so no garantees about what I write in
> the next post.)
Oh no, dont get insane. After this patch you will have a clear way to
identify which are the AC3 PID if they are, something that wasn't before, so
now you can write a patch to use them. Still not sure how to map them with
languages, but I'm sure that we'll find also a way for that. I don't mind
also If you patch for storing them in a different format.
Note that I've done a patch for an ongoing development, splited with
mc.sql/cvs.sql/and 0.10-to0.11.sql and after this tested. Now I believe
that's safe, but will not if we start doing changes over it.
I'm quite sure that changes will be easier, and also more people will be
able to contribute, once we have the big one in.

Note: Not sure, I do suspect that the subtitles are coming in the text pids.
Anyway I didn't find such PIDs anywhere, just let me know where I can grab

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