[mythtv] has anyone seen this yet?!?!

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Mon Aug 4 22:43:02 EDT 2003

Hi Brandon,

that's really great news! :-) Finally, NA users can record original MPEG 

I just checked out the source. I wondered about the PID processing, 
which gave me quite some headache with DVB, and I expected the 
same/similar code to be necessary for HDTV. But in the hdtvrecorder, I 
only see a pids array, which appears to be unused. Is that not needed 
for HDTV or for this card or is that just not implemented? How do you 
tune to a channel that's together with other channels on the same 
transport stream? Does the card somehow magically do that in its 
firmware and infer the PIDs from the channum (I see you use the same 
tuning code as for analog TV), or are multiple channels per TS so rare 
with HDTV that you can ignore that for now?

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