[mythtv] has anyone seen this yet?!?!

Brandon Beattie bbeattie-maillist at linkexplorer.com
Mon Aug 4 14:30:56 EDT 2003

Hello Everyone,

 The good news is true as many have been wondering for a while.

 I wrote the initial code for the pcHDTV card for myth.  At this point
 everything works except seeking in live-tv.  There are also some issues
 with mythtv closing a record session if bad packets are received (Due
 to low signal quality)  Everything else works currently.  (And the
 other parts need a little bit more time but I'm off to Linux World
 right now)

 If anyone will be at Linux World Expo, I will be there with 2 cards,
 papers with the specs, and I'll be able to answer most questions
 regarding the cards.  (Even though I'm not an employee of pcHDTV).  You
 will have to find me on the floor (Check around the .org area)  I will
 be wearing a sticker with Tux sitting infront of a HDTV on it.

 Some good new for MythTV users who see this is that
 I also have the ability to get anyone free shipping on the cards if
 they e-mail me before they buy them. (So I can contact the card creator
 and let him know about your order)  The cards will be $189.89US and
 availible to buy in about 2 weeks. (Unless you find me at the show)


On Mon, Aug 04, 2003 at 02:18:11PM -0400, Sean Langford wrote:
> http://pchdtv.com/
> Does this mean MythTV High Definition is just-around-the-bend ?
> Yahoo!!
> Sean

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