[mythtv] Fw: DVB Big PATCH, Part I - for CVS pls

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Mon Aug 4 18:36:45 EDT 2003

This looks pretty good. Esp. the extensive comments in the DB scheme are 


    * enum('Analog','DVB-s','DVB-c','DVB-t','Personal') DEFAULT 'Analog'
      NOT NULL;
      I'd use uppercase for DVB-S etc., that's the common notation.
      Please define "Personal".
    * PIDs
          o Please use more descriptive names for the PID fields. vpids,
            apids, adpids, tpids, ppids, what? Which one is the generic
            one for things that we don't support yet?
          o As discussed: Why do we need that separation at all, if the
            PIDs are usually chosen automatically anyways? I don't
            totally oppose the separation, but it makes things a bit
            more complicated.
          o If you separate them, you must read/use them all in dvbchannels.
    * I already rejected that freq conversion in the backend.
    * Do you need a primary key for the conditional access table? It
      only lists 1:n properties for providers, it doesn't have an
      "identity" itself.
    * "Deutsch", not "Deustch" ;-)
    * You are adding a terrible lot of tables. Do you really need them
      all? For example
          o Can't you completely include the disecq settings into the
            sat table?
          o Why do you need the sat table at all? It seems you only need
            it for disecq, so why is the current solution (one diseqc
            int in the channel_dvb table) not sufficient? Does anybody
            have a motor dish which accepts sat positions? Or do you
            just want to have a name, for a nicer UI (would be a
            reason)? Do you really need to prefill all the values, or
            can you fetch it from some imported channel config file?
          o What's that channellists? Nothing uses it, and I can't see
            how it would be used. Why do you need channellistsmembers
            and don't just add a single channellistid field to the
            channel table?

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