[mythtv] DVB: is dvbtools updated?

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Sun Aug 3 23:20:48 EDT 2003

Ramon Roca wrote:

> I'm having problems with stability on my dvb drivers. Double checking 
> everything I've just seen that tune_it has differences with cvs 
> dvbstream source...

Possible that I made changes to the code in dvbdev.c, incl the freq 
conversion stuff, which I found horrible.

>   Is how it has to be? Is anybody maintaining libdvbdev?

IIRC, I took the current CVS code from both dvbtools and mpeg tools when 
I submitted my patches. dvbtools back then had a quite outdated version 
of mpegtools (transform.c etc.). I haven't synced it since then.

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