[mythtv] Mythgame not functional?

Tako Schotanus quintesse at palacio-cristal.com
Sun Aug 3 00:44:39 EDT 2003

Ok, my fault (partly at least): somewhere along the road the path to 
xmame was reset to its default value (which doesn't work in my case) but 
being so similar I just missed it every time. Only by putting some debug 
messages in the code did I finally find it ;-)

So, now it's scanning okay, but the game tree still doesn't show any 
games (just MAME). I checked tha database and the games have been added 
correctly. So I guess I'll add some more debug messages.

Isaac: maybe it would be helpfull to put in some messages when things 
like this go wrong? I can submit a patch but I wondered what your 
preferred method would be for such a thing? Just a cerr << "error 
message"? Or is there some global log to write to? Or would a pop-up 
telling the user that MAME isn't configured correctly be even better? If 
so are there any generic functions for simple pop-ups like that? (looked 
at some code for pop-ups, but it seemed like a lot of code for such a 
simple thing).


Isaac Richards wrote:

>On Saturday 02 August 2003 03:05 pm, Tako Schotanus wrote:
>>Is the mythgame version in CVS not functional right right now?
>>No games appear in the tree and the scan button in setup doens't do
>>Is this something I should look into or is it already known that the
>>module is broken right now? (I know Isaac is currently working on it)
>It's working fine.  I didn't change any of the game scanning code, just the 
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