[mythtv] cvs compile issues? broken?

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Fri Aug 1 23:12:30 EDT 2003

> Yeah, you can't compile with -j3.

ahhh...  when did this start?  I've been able to do so in the past.  At
least, I thought I had.   will -j2 work, or does it not work with any
multiprocess compiling?

I've heard that there are ways of setting up dependencies in files to
prevent them from being compiled before other things they need.  I don't
know how to do it, but have a friend who might be able to tell me how.. 
If anyone is interested...

> You don't have a recent enough mythtv installed, is all.

ahh.  well, I should be able to get that fixed easily enough.  thanks.


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