[mythtv] CVS Cutlist processing flaky with ivtv files

Russ Southern russ.southern at cox.net
Fri Aug 1 19:01:17 EDT 2003

I haven't seen any traffic about this yet, and just found out I will be AFK
most of the weekend, so wanted to get this info out there.

Running a recent CVS version (around July 30), I notice that skipping in the
cutlist/edit screen has gotten strange.  It appears to use the last keyframe
*viewed* rather than the last keyframe in the stream, when skipping.  I have
not been able to diff any code to prove this theory (again, sorry, but I
won't be around to examine this...)

Problem description

(After a bunch of edits, I have decided there is no way to clearly describe
this, so please forgive my rambling)

When skipping forward from one scene to another, the screen will display the
previous scene well into the next one before changing to show the second
scene.  Then, when skipping backward, it will still show the second scene
when we should be back into the first.

Here is a sample keystroke/result trace:

- Hit 'm' just before a commercial
- Change skip "size" to keyframe
- Hit right arrow (screen begins to fade from scene 1)
- Hit right arrow again (screen still fading)
- Hit right arrow again (screen still fading)
- Hit right arrow (we are now fully in the middle of the next scene)

- Now hit left arrow to skip back (shows 1/2 second earlier in scene 2)
- Hit left arrow (shows 1/2 second earlier in scene 2)
- Hit left arrow (shows a fade-in of scene 2)
- Hit left arrow (we are now fully into scene 1 again, missing the fade-out,

I have yet to test the very latest CVS, but commits did not seem to mention
any fix for this issue.



P.S. This happens on any recording, from any channel, from any time.  It
worked "correctly" in 0.10...

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