[mythtv] DVB-T

Ramon Roca ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Fri Aug 1 16:43:35 EDT 2003

> A small question regarding DVB. Long time ago I saw some discussion
> the use of budget DVB cards and normal, with the difference that the
> didnt decode the mpeg stream (?). Anyway, which type of card is
recommended for
> myth? And also, is there any plan to have softcam support? Because Im
> to get a DVB-C card and the CAM module with viaaccess will be almost 200
> with shipping which I cannot afford :)

Ah, I've just forget to mention the CAM support.
I know that Keeneth is working on that, that's why I provided filters on
that criteria for mythchannels, however I don't think that anway will be
suitable for softcam, isn't that an illegal hack? please note that  we
should keep official mythtv source away from illegal things...

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