[mythtv] Mythsetup/frontend crashes on X not on VNC

Tommy Faasen mtyhtv at zwanebloem.nl
Fri Aug 1 13:59:22 EDT 2003


I don't know why but mythfrontend/setup crash whene started under X.
If i do it under VNC I have no problems???

My machine
DUAL PII 300 with 384 MB mem
with wintv go and sb awe32 card

Running debian stable with 2.4.20-wolk4.3s

I tried
mythtv 0.10
mythtv debian packages
mythtv from CVS (3 days ago)(I had to remove the Qt::UTC line to let it

I used the latest nvidia driver and an older one 4349.
I tried the nv driver from Xfree86.

I have attached a backtrace from the self compiled 0.10.
Aparently it crashes when creating a window ?

Please let me know if you need more info or tell me what to do?



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