[mythtv] DVB-T

matt.jarvis at philips.com matt.jarvis at philips.com
Fri Aug 1 12:53:58 EDT 2003

I'd like to start helping with testing the dvb code, particularly from the 
angle of DVB-T, as this is the card I have in my myth box. I realise the 
developer pool working on this is pretty small, and you guys could 
probably do with the help in testing especially from a DVB-T perspective 
as it looks like you are all using DVB-S cards. Is there any chance 
someone ( Ramon, Kenneth, etc ) post a short note on initial setup - I 
have the card up and working outside of myth, and I'm v.familiar with myth 
and manually adjusting the database etc. I just need some pointers really. 
Hope you guys can help and that I can contribute something to this part of 
the project - my programming skills aren't up to much but I'm usually 
pretty good at tracking down where problems are occurring :) 

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