[mythtv] MythTV (player) falls behind on LiveTV?

Bryan Mayland bmayland at leoninedev.com
Wed Apr 30 11:34:20 EDT 2003

I'm having a problem with MythTV-0.9 from CVS.  My frontend is falling 
behind, slowly skewing time by about 40 seconds every 30 minutes.  I've 
-- Capture resolutions of 640x480, 544x480 and 352x480.
-- Enabling / Disabling of "Deinterlace playback", and "Jitter reduction"
-- Running full screen or windowed or windowed resized smaller.

The machine is a Athlon XP 1700 with 256MB RAM and a HD that hdparms at 
40MB/s.  There is no swapping going on or anything else significant 
runnable at the time on the machine.   'top' reads anywhere from 25%-30% 
idle at full resolution.  Probably inconsequential, but the recording 
side is using an ATI TV Wonder, btaudio driver, MPEG-4 @ 2Mbit (low 

It just seems like MythTV isn't playing as fast as it is recording.  At 
first I thought I was recording at NTSC (29.97) and playing back at PAL 
(25) but that would introduce a much higher skew.

Anyone have any ideas where I should look for a solution, or other 
configurations to try?

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