[mythtv] Questions (UIRT2)

Paul Smith paullocal at pscs.co.uk
Wed Apr 30 14:58:47 EDT 2003

At 14:00 30/04/2003 +0200, Davide Chiarini wrote:
> > Main question - does anyone know how to use an UIRT2 with Linux? LIRC
> > doesn't seem to support it yet and the UIRT2 people seem to only 'support'
> > it in Windows (with Girder).
> > interface is well documented and this is pretty much standard C stuff) -
> > the thing I'm having difficulty with is how to transmit those commands to
> > MythTV.
>i've tried using lirc, but i think it was way much more than i needed. so
>what i did was writing a simple perl script that talks directly with
>the serial port, listening for codes. Then using an external program
>(was included with lirc, can't remember it's name now, i think it was
>'sendkeys') i send fake keypresses to the front window (wich should always
>be mythtv). (i looked into sending keypresses directly to the correct windows,

That sounds pretty much like what I was going to do (except I didn't know 
about Sendkeys which was where I was getting stuck).

>it really is a simple hack, configuration isn't very user-friendly and i'm
>sure anyone could write a better version, but since it does the job
>for me i stopped working on it.
>i'm at work right now, but if you want i'll send you a copy when i get home.

I'd be grateful - I may do some work on it to improve it, if you don't 
mind. I'm a moderate PERL programmer so it'll probably be comprehensible to me.

It might be that I decide to start from scratch, but if so, then what you 
have will probably still be helpful for me.

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