[mythtv] Re: Seg Fault while setting a recording.

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Wed Apr 30 00:00:00 EDT 2003

On Tuesday 29 April 2003 09:08 pm, Colm Bennett wrote:
> Oh dear, I am replying to myself :(
> And given that I am the first to reply and almost all the archive views
> were my own (there is a strange compunction to open your own mail on the
> archives, as though a reply might appear underneath it that hasn't
> registerd yet on the main screen ;), I may well be talking to myself:)
> But still. I have spent 4 weeks setting things up to the point were I
> felt confident enough in my setup to risk a mail to the list. I choose
> dev cos thats what the doco tells me to do when there is a seg fault.
> And then for 3 days not only is there no response but I am the only
> person to even look at it! Oh dear :(
> If there is anyone reading this who could spare a minute to help me I
> would so appreciate it. Could I word the problem better? Does it belong
> on mythtv-user? Is it so common/silly as to be not worth a reply? Should
> I have mentioned the PVR-250 in the subject? ;-)) Just kidding :)
> As I say below, I have xawtv working and I can hear recorded sound on
> aplay /dev/dsp. Are there any other basic tests I should do? Is there
> any other info I could supply?

Can you provide a dump of your capturecard, videosource, and cardinput 
database tables?  I think I may know what it is, but would like to verify.


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