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Michael J. Pedersen michael.j.pedersen at verizon.net
Tue Apr 29 18:04:03 EDT 2003

On Tue, Apr 29, 2003 at 09:43:24AM -0700, Paul Mietz Egli wrote:
> I've posted a set of instructions for encoding and burning VCDs from
> .nuv files at:
>   http://www.obscure.com/pvr/index.html#20030407
> The VCDs created by this process will play in mplayer and on Windows
> using QuickVCD, but I haven't had a chance to try them in a relatively
> recent DVD player (my aging Panasonic A120 doesn't read them).  I'd be
> interested in hearing off-list if anyone successfully burns a VCD that
> can be played in a commercial DVD player using this method.

Thank you! I've bookmarked this page for future reference. I just hope
it'll still be there in about a month or two when I'm ready to use it.

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