[mythtv] Great work plus a request/suggestion

phlegm at rogers.com phlegm at rogers.com
Tue Apr 29 13:36:12 EDT 2003

First of all I have to say GREAT WORK to all of the developers who have made Mythtv so amazing. It's pretty much the only way I watch TV nowadays. You guys (girls) have truly outdone yourselves and deserve much praise. Myth Rocks!!

Now for a request/suggestion. Would it be possible to put in some sort of password/parental control type mechanism? My kids watch Sponge Bob every day. OK I do too.....  but I also record all sorts of crap that I definately don't want them seeing. While I am very comfortable in Linux (AIX sysadmin by trade) I'm not a programmer in the least. Otherwise I would attempt it myself. 

Another suggestion that would be handy would to be able to use my wireless wingman to move around the menus. It works fine in the Mame games but it would be handy to use it in myth as well since I don't have any IR.

Currently running this on Intel 2.4 desktop and it works great but I'm awaiting the day when I can build a mini ITX board into my old Denon CD player and have this truly dedicated to only the TV.

Again Nice work people and please keep it up.


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