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Michael J. Pedersen michael.j.pedersen at verizon.net
Tue Apr 29 07:29:29 EDT 2003

On Mon, Apr 28, 2003 at 08:24:25AM -0700, Adam Lydick wrote:
> Sounds nice. 

Thank you. I know I'm getting along with it (then again, I wrote it, I
had better like it :)

> Maybe I missed this, but do you plan on support for "burn to cdr"? I
> think that would cover all of the features that I've been hoping for.
> (Obviously I could do it by hand, but I'm lazy and a simple standard
> interface would be quite spiffy).

Not as yet, I'm not. I've got a very particular roadmap in mind as I
head towards 1.0, and one of the issues that I have to clear up taks
higher precedence than a burn to cdr feature: not all mythtv files can
be re-encoded by mencoder. In fact, I'm getting about one file a week
which results in a "Static sprites not supported" failure.

This could make a decent feature for afterwards, but I'm definitely not
ready to attempt it yet. Now, if somebody sent me a patch to do it, I'd
include it, but if I'm doing it, it's at least a month (maybe 2) off.

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