[mythtv] DVB support - Status update

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Mon Apr 28 08:51:20 EDT 2003

Isaac Richards wrote:

>I think it's a pretty poor idea to make things that un-human-modifiable, but, 
It's still human-modifyable, but I am not totally happy with it either. 
If you have other suggestions, I am open for them. I thought about an 
options table, like codecparams, but one for all tables and several 
"columns" per table. I'll describe it more detailed later.

I don't think that extending the channel table is a good idea, though, 
because there are a *lot* of options for DVB tuning (about 10), and 
neither a table specifically for DVB, because it's probably not the last 
tuning method. I need to add a few options to the capturecard as well. 
So, I don't think that would be very future-proof.

>I definately think the analog case (channel number and frequency) 
>shouldn't be munged up to work that way.
OK. Hopefully, we can find a good solution how to store these tuning 
settings and then consistently make all tuning methods use it.

>It doesn't matter if the DVB code depends on it or not -- quite a few of the 
>changes, such as the SetOption stuff is totally unrelated. I'd like things 
>like that in separate patches.
So, it's OK for you, if the DVB code depends on it, you would just like 
to see which changes belong to each other? I can certainly do that, 
creating one patch for the SetOption stuff, one for the analog tuning 
change to use the new tuning parameter storage etc..

Otherwise, if you want the DVB patch, but not these changes, that would 
be more trouble, I'd then have to rework the DVB part to work around it 
or at least work in another way.

>Also, you're going to need to make the DVB code (library, etc) more of a compile time option.
I thought I already did make it dependent on the existance of the 
relevant headers (libdvbdev.pro: using_dvb), and I think it's also 
(automatically) a compile-time option. Should I do that on the libs/ 
level? I do build the dvb* classes non-functional, if built without DVB 
headers, following your lead with the mpegrecorder and V4L2. Should I 
make them not build at all? I can surely do that, I just need to add an 
#ifdef in tv_rec.cpp where they are instantiated.


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