[mythtv] RH9 and V4l2 Question

Mike Wood mike at woodsnest.com
Fri Apr 25 07:56:42 EDT 2003


I've been trying to get the PVR250 working with Myth, and I'm stuck. 
I've gotten the ivtv drivers installed and I can capture with the card
by typing cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg.
I've gotten this far without having to patch my kernel because according
to someone over at the ivtv project, patching the kernel isn't necessary
under RH9.
Now, when I try to get Myth to work, it doesn't.  When I open setup, the
card is not recognized and the inputs do not show up.  I've read the
archives, and tried the little fix here:

But that didn't do it for me (assuming I did it right).  Is there
something else I've missed?  Do I have to patch the kernel in order for
Myth to work, even though I can already get captures at the command


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