[mythtv] frame comparisons....

Adam Lydick adam.lydick at verizon.net
Thu Apr 24 09:46:12 EDT 2003

I'd hit citeseer for image indexing. I hit it earlier and saw some image
histogram-based papers that looked somewhat promising. We have it a bit
easier, as there is no need to worry about sub-picture matches. You just
want to match the entire frame. I'll post links if I find anything that
looks really worthwhile.


On Wed, 2003-04-23 at 11:23, Rudy Moore wrote:
> Does anyone know of any good image comparison algorithms 
> out there? Specifically, I'm looking for an method that 
> takes into account noise and other TV reception problems 
> to create a hash function that can be used for database 
> lookups.
> If it doesn't exist then I'll start working on one of my 
> own...
> On that note, does the H 250/350 drivers give you direct 
> access to the frame, even when hardware encoding is being 
> done?
> Rudy

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