[mythtv] DVB integration - first attempt!

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Thu Apr 24 16:15:36 EDT 2003

Edward Wildgoose wrote:

>Can I get a rough idea as to the diff.  I already applied v2, this would help.
Your best bet is to unapply diff 2 (patch -p 0 -R) and apply the new 
diff, wait a moment, I am still writing, I'll tell you when I have a new 
patch with the new code for your full card.

>I had kind of assumed that the stream interface would be the dvbstream interface!
heh, and I added a long comment to streammrecorder.h to explain what it 
does :-/.

>I have also had a look at the dvbstream code in CVS and it seems reasonable enough - do I assume that you have basically ripped that out directly?
I massively stripped dvbstream.c from >2000 lines to 500 lines. The 
result is in libdvbdev/dvbdev.cpp and libmythtv/dvb[recorder|channel].cpp.

>However, the flip side is that to get a stream out of the full featured cards is about 3 lines of code!  (according to the readme in the DVB driver directory)
It wasn't all that easy. Which README do you mean (URL)?  
linux-dvb.2003-04-13/README doesn't say anything.

The 3 lines don't help me much, because I have to support the budget 
cards anyways, so it's only *additional* code from my standpoint. 
Anyways, I think I have that code now.

>hmm, where is this defined?  The code seems to get it from the command line and has some hardcoded defaults for important stuff like QAM, etc
Use the numbers of whatever you passed to dvbstream on the commandline.

>Contact me offlist

>I will buy a Nova-T card if this is the easiest way to get going.
You don't need to buy another card :).

>Where are you based anyway?
Germany, Wiesbaden.

>Basically we need a simple program which just does channel init, then record, and spits the output to [...] stdout
That exists and is called dvbstream ;-)


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