[mythtv] Attention all OSD theme maintainers/authors concerning

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Apr 23 15:45:33 EDT 2003

> >The new code in cvs will make the OSD more flexible by supporting keywords which are replaced at runtime by the corresponding piece of information.
> >
> This means I can replace that huge channum over there with the channel 
> name or callsign in a big font, with changes to the theme only (and 
> after I added channel name to the channel_number container)? That's 
> great :-).

Yeah, you can put any of the listed fields anywhere.

> (Maybe that should be a pref, not theme-dependent, though, with a new 
> keyword. We can think about that later.)

I think it should be left up to the theme.  If a user wants to start
changing around things like that they can either get it modified in the
theme or make their own local copy in their ~/.mythtv/themes directory.

> >Keywords should be enclosed in percent signs so TITLE is actually %TITLE%.
> >
> Why not use <var name="title" />?

The keywords are stored in a QMap right now and each key/value pair gets
search-and-replaced in the original <value> text, so it's a lot easier
to use a single <value> field with %TITLE% type indicators than separate
xml <var> tags.


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