[mythtv] OSD Themes new keyword support for editmode container

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Wed Apr 23 00:09:45 EDT 2003

Just updated cvs again with support for the editmode container to use the
new keyword code.

The editmode container can use the keywords listed below for program_info
plus the following:

	TIMEDISPLAY  - h:mm:ss:ff (hour, minute, second, frame) of current frame
	FRAMEDISPLAY - frame number of current frame
	CUTINDICATOR - "cut" or blank indicating whether current frame is inside
                   a cut area.
	SEEKAMOUNT   - current seek amount (ie, "1 second", "5 minutes", etc.)

This now gives the ability to display the program title or length on
the screen while in edit mode.

> program_info
> 	TITLE        - title
> 	SUBTITLE     - subtitle
> 	DESCRIPTION  - description
> 	CATEGORY     - category
> 	CALLSIGN     - station callsign
> 	STARTTIME    - start time in "TimeFormat" format
> 	STARTDATE    - start date in "ShortDateFormat" format
> 	ENDTIME      - end time in "TimeFormat" format
> 	ENDDATE      - end date in "ShortDateFormat" format
> 	CHANNUM      - channel number (channum field in channel table)
> 	LENTIME      - HH:MM length of program (ie, 1:30 is 1 hour, 30 minutes)
> 	LENMINS      - length in minutes (ie, '90' for an hour and a half long show)


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