[mythtv] lockups revisited

Tony Clark tclark at telia.com
Tue Apr 22 19:31:02 EDT 2003

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On Tuesday 22 April 2003 16.37, Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 April 2003 10:28 am, Mike Wohlgemuth wrote:
> > Chris Kleeschulte wrote:
> > > I am also getting random lockups and not sure why. Darn things are
> > > tough to nail down. I have nothing on irq9...everything is steering
> > > through irq11. I left mythtv running over night and it locked up
> > > (picture froze nothing else happened) and mythbackend reported
> > > "Backend stopped in RequestRingBufferBlock", which tells me my PVR250
> > > prolly stopped encoding tv? I restarted tv fine after that. I am still
> > > having the issue where I cannot Escape from the "Recorded Programs"
> > > window. Using CVS from 4-20.
> >
> > For what it's worth, I see the same behavior on my box with a Leadtek
> > Winfast 2000XP, so it's probably not the PVR250.  I assumed the
> > overnight lock up was likely more related to file size.  The ringbuffer
> > was about 5 gigabytes when it froze.  I just killed the frontend and
> > things cleared right up.
> Yup, that's one of the bugs right now -- you can't ring the ringbuffer =)
> Isaac

The one I have seen is the frontend locks up after pressing the escape key.  
The remote backend has the processor pegged out so it is most likely not a 
true lock up, just very very very slow.  Not seen it since a resync pm on the 
21st, but haven't used it much either.

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