[mythtv] i18n and mythweather conflict with locale setting

ramon.roca at xcombo.com ramon.roca at xcombo.com
Mon Apr 21 22:11:26 EDT 2003

> Yes, internationalization is a simple addition of some tr( .. ) to the
literals of the code. As far as I can see, I think it can be enough... what
else do you want to localize?

I saw that, although I'm new in i18n, I have tried to include "tr()" at some
literals at mythfrontend main.cpp but it gives me an error saying that tr is
undeclared. Including "qtranslator.h" still says it's undeclared. What else
is need?
On the other hand, looks like many source files should be modified for this
and I'm afraid of having to patch many files, maybe it's a better idea to
wait until this have been stabilized at the CVS and then simply translate
the literals. However tell me if you want me to contribute for including the
"tr" calls in some parts of the coding.

><textarea name="disingray" draworder="0">
>       <area>20,357,800,40</area>
>        <font>message</font>
>        <value>Deactivated recordings are highlighted in</value>
>        <value lang="IT">Le registrazioni disattivate sono evidenziate
>        <value lang="SP">Los grabacion disactive esta...</value>

> In the meantime I am thinking about tuning channel from inside mythtv and
to rewrite my manual recording patch to something includeable in the cvs.
Umm, that looks a good idea, although there is already a manual instant
recording, would be also nice to be able to do manual recording for a given
time, also update the scheduled timers in order to change the start/end
time, that could be very useful for recording those channels where the
information that they provide to the listings is very inaccurate (something
that happens quite often in Spain in some channels). Is your manual
recording able to do that? If yes, can I get your patch to look into it?


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