[mythtv] lockups revisited

Mike Schrag mschrag at pobox.com
Mon Apr 21 09:56:33 EDT 2003

So it figures that moments after I send my previous email, I get a 
lockup ... However, it did go a LOT longer than it used to.  So then I 
shut down and did a little spring cleaning.  I actually had two ethernet 
cards in that machine (don't ask), so I took out the unused one and 
moved my PVR250 into that slot (strictly out of superstition).  Then I 
took some advice from ( I believe it was ) the ivtv mailing list and 
took everything off IRQ 9.  Lastly, I disabled USB on that machine, 
because I recall when it was a windows box I always had weird problems 
with USB support (interestingly, the USB hubs were on IRQ 9).  
Incidentally, this is a KT133A motherboard, which several people have 
commented on as having various compat problems.

Well, long story short, or rather long story long, it's been going 
strong for a while now without any problems ... In the spirit of 
science, I of course changed 100 different variables at once and have no 
idea which is actually the root cause, but for anyone in my boat, you 
might want to take a look at each of the things I did and see if it 
makes a diff. for you.


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