[mythtv] Adjusting individual time offsets

Joel Feenstra joelf at altelco.net
Sun Apr 20 16:13:55 EDT 2003

I get what your saying, and that's basically what my patch will be 
doing. When you run mythfilldatabase it will use the global time offset 
that gets set in the settings table unless there is a different offset 
set in the channels table. As for minute offsets, it only does hour 
offsets, but that's something that could probably be changed fairly 
easily. I was only thinking of hourly offsets so that's what the patch 
does, but maybe I'll make it do minute tweaks which could be usefull. 
We'll see if this works at all.

I don't know if it's a good thing or not, but I decided that based on 
what the xmltv documentation was saying I was going to completely ignore 
the timezone information that is in the file, and just use the offset 
that is set in setup/setup or the per-channel offset.

Joel Feenstra

Andy Davidoff wrote:
> My point is that an offset may apply globally while individual
> channels also require local tweaks.  If all my programming is off
> by 5 minutes and one of my channels is off by ten, I'd like to skew
> globally by 5 and skew the individual channel by 5 (or 15) as well.
> On Apr 20, at 12:03, Joel Feenstra encoded a 1.4K recording:
>>What else is it used for besides adjustment of wrong times in the
>>xmltv files?
>>Andy Davidoff wrote:
>>>The global offset still has relevance for other reasons;
>>>personally, I would not replace it, but augment it with the
>>>per-channel setting.
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