[mythtv] mythmusic: turning off playlists?

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Sat Apr 19 20:15:30 EDT 2003

On Saturday 19 April 2003 05:54 pm, John Hurliman wrote:

> I love the new playlist functionality

	Ah. good.

> but some people I was demoing
> MythTV to found the bottom two options in MythMusic confusing and would
> prefer a more simplistic interface to selecting music. I think just
> hiding the bottom two options would work (I tried removing their
> addition in the code and obviously those top-level tree structures are
> needed since mythmusic promptly crashed). I'm not familiar with QT
> though and am not sure if you can make tree list entries hidden.

	You can't (easily) just ->hide() them, as they're only the visual part of a 
fairly important set of interlinking data structures. Plus, you can't 
->hide() them because QListViewItem's don't have a hide() method. In the 
short term, please demo a pre-playlist version to the unitiated   :-)

	In the longer term, once I get theme-ability sorted out, you'll be able to 
use different layouts to manage playlists in more visually intuitive (but 
less user-powerful) ways. Stay tuned ....

- thor

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