[mythtv] [PATCH]es: error reporting, fixing tv_grab_de

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Sat Apr 19 19:57:29 EDT 2003

On Saturday 19 April 2003 09:29 am, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> Attached are 2 small patches for mythfilldatabase.
> xmlerror: Add error reporting (to cout currently) including line and
> column numbers about XML well-formedness errors in the input XMLTV file.
> I terribly needed that while writing the new XMLTV data source for
> Germany - mythfilldatabase failed without error because of obscure
> errors in the XMLTV file and I didn't know what's up or why it's failing.

This bit looks fine, except for the part where you comment out the prompt for 
the getResponse() function.  I'll get it into CVS.

> xmlidsplit: Fix the standard tv_grab_de. The standard data source for
> Germany uses xmltvids with spaces (e.g. "Pro 7" as station id), and the
> split "tweak" for the USA breaks that - these channels didn't end up
> correctly in the database. I thus made the split conditional on the
> usage of tv_grab_na. This patch is untested.

Test it, then resubmit.


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