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I have done a little bit of research on this recently.  I have just bought a hideously expensive DVB-T card (T = terrestrial, ie free to view over an arial).  The quality is excellent and there are cheap cards available (there is a reason why I bought the expensive card though!).  I will post a writeup on how it works and how to set it up for anyone who is interested when I have had a while to play with it a bit more extensively!

As I understand it, DVB isn't really coming to the US, however, this may not be a problem in terms of adding support to Myth.  I need to collect a bit more info on this, but I hope to post a few links for Isaac to peruse while he is thinking about mpeg2 support.

Basically the current crop of DVB cards can demux an mpeg2 stream directly, you "simply" need to call a command to choose the frequency.  >From there I hope that the mpeg stream can be read in just as from the PVR250 cards.

I hope that we can get Isaac interested in the basic idea because I'm sure that at this stage there are various ways he can implement the PVR250 stuff, however, it would be useful for us if he was also aware of the issues in integrating DVB and had half an eye on making the basic framework capable of being extended to handle DVB at a later stage.

The US seems to have some imcompatible standards for digital TV.  I don't see that it is likely that they will adopt DVB, but as long as PC cards are produced which can demux an MPEG stream (or whatever codec will be used), then it should still be possible to integrate with Myth or another TV program...?  

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  Bon treball!

  M'agrade veure que ja gent que esta fent servi aquest projecta a Catalunya!  

  [Good Job!!   I like to see that there is people using this project at Catalonia!]

  About merging DVB and Myth it is provably a good idea...but I don't think any "real company" here supports DVB not even Direct TV.  I'am a DirecTv user and I don't know the details about there digital signal, but their regular stuff is DSS...nothing to do with DVB.

  I know that some people here (USA) use DVB but they tap from Europeans satellite

  This is a list of channels that you can get using DVB in the US:   http://www.sadoun.com/Sat/Channels/Channels.htm 

  As you can see this is far from what a DirecTV offers you unless you are interested in getting some onternational channels.

  It would certainly be cool for most of Europe...but the US (just like with GSM....has its own cra...  well I better shut at this point    ;-)   )


  Ps:  Please, some other more techy and saavy people should correct me if I'm wrong!  

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    I've patched the attached files in order to support the Spanish xmltv graber that I wrote at the xmltv project and it's available since version 0.5.9.

    -the recently added gist source seems to introduce a new requirement to compile from previous versions: qt 3., if is not there fails when calling toTime_t, this functiona was not present on qt 3.0

    I've also seen at the CVS the i18n directory. I'm thinking on working for localization mythTV for Spanish and Catalan. I'm wondering if anybody is working already on it. In the meantime, I would appreciate if somebody can give me a clue or point to a how-to doc (i18n for idiots?) since I never did it before. Just for doing it in the correct way. 

    I'm also interested in to merge analog tv, which MythTV does pretty well, with DVB (projects like vdr do very well) therefore have a single frontend for all. That would be nice in Europe, and probably to bring a better support for US DirectTV also. I thought that adding a "plugin" to MythTV that works in a similar way as kvdr does, that could be quite simple, although the best way should be, of course, direct support for DVB capture cards at the mythtv player.... comments welcome!



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