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I have the same problem and I just went into the DB  Mythconverge (I think) and then open the channel table. There is a field there called fine-tune to which you can increase or decrease some number (1,3,4,-2, etc...).

I installed the odbc drivers in a windows machine and used Access to get connected to the DB using the mythtv user (password is mythtv). It worked fine, that way I can mess with the channels, settings, etc... I don't have a lot of knowledge in Mysql that's why I resorted using access.

I hope this helps!


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I'm hoping I can get some help with some channel problems I'm 
having with my tuner card. 

Basically I have two seperate problems, first I have some fine 
tuning issues with FOX (not that the channel matters). I can 
fine tune 6 with xawtv, save the correction to thw .xawtv file 
(fine = -2) and run mythfilldatabase with --xawtv as described 
in the documentation. However the fine tuning doesn't seem to 

Also there are a couple of channels that have defaulted to the 
wrong audio channel and I have not had any luck 
changing/selecting audio channels with anything. 

Is there something wrong with my card or is this a usual issue? 
On that note, any reccomended tuner cards? I'm looking at adding 
a second card to my setup, and of course possibly replacing my 
existing one (if its the trouble). 

Thanks everyone for any help you can provide. 

Zach Goss 

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