[mythtv] Fw: [mythtv-users] Myth is locking soundcard and preventing fullduplex operation

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Tue Apr 15 11:39:15 EDT 2003

On Monday 14 April 2003 04:51 pm, Edward Wildgoose wrote:
> Sorry to cross post this to the dev list.  Having looked at this a little
> more I think it is a suitable question to put to the developers.
> Could someone please talk me through what is happening when mythtv records
> and why this might be blocking my card from playing.  To be clear I can
> record and play simultaneously with aplay/arecord - the problem is I can't
> play two channels at once and I suspect that mythtv is also trying to play
> some silent channel when it is recording?
> Anyone able to advise on how to debug this further please?

Are you using current CVS, or something older?  There was a bug fixed that may 
have caused what you're seeing.


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