[mythtv] Shm detection + frame decimation environment variable

Thor Johnson thormj at ieee.org
Tue Apr 15 07:30:06 EDT 2003

>I've added this functionality but coded it a little different.  It's in
>current CVS if you want to give it a shot.

It works well (err it finds the maximum amount you can stuff down the 
network pipe [skip every 4th frame]).

>The XShmQueryExtension() function will report true if you are displaying
>remotely to a server that supports XShm even though you can't use XShm
>remotely.  My mod checks the display variable to see if the display is
>local or remote and will only call XShmQueryExtension() if it's a local
>display.  If remote display then use_shm stays at it's default of 0.

That sounds maddeningly like X... "Yes I can do SHM" (but not from there!).
Thank you for finding that idiosyncracy.

The combination does automatically what I did before.  Many thanks!

-Thor Johnson

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