[mythtv] DB Schema Suggestions

Mike Benoit ipso at snappymail.ca
Mon Apr 14 19:21:40 EDT 2003

Is there a way to automatically remove commercials when recordings are
archived? If this is possible, an option to enable/disable this might be

How would the output filename be set? I assume a default name could be
automatically generated from the TV Guide data?

As far as what Isaac said, you don't have to modify the existing schema,
all you would need is to create a new table to store these settings.
That way changes could be made more easily as well. 

On Mon, 2003-04-14 at 07:24, Michael Pedersen wrote:
> Okay, time for me to suggest some alterations to the schema, just 
> because I can find a decent use for them.
> Mainly, I'm working on some glue between mythtv and mencoder in the form 
> of a perl script. I'll be posting the current version today sometime 
> before 2300GMT, and am pondering some of the next batch of updates to be 
> done (yes, already doing so). Some items which would be good to store 
> would be the following (on a per recording basis):
> archiving - boolean - Should this recording be set up for archiving?
> output filename - text - name of the file which should be output after 
> re-encoding
> video bitrate - integer - bitrate of the output video (in kbs)
> audio bitrate - integer - bitrate of the output audio (in kbs)
> output resolution - string - resolution of the output video
> New default settings which could be considered
> archival video bitrate
> archival audio bitrate
> archival output resolution
> These settings would allow for defaults and for recording specific 
> items. What does everybody think? Should I implement them?
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