[mythtv] Muting during FF/REW

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Mon Apr 14 13:46:26 EDT 2003

Perhaps I should have mentioned, this is with "stickykeys" enabled.

It seems like what is happening is that in stickykeys mode, it skips the
appropriate number of frames, then plays the next X frames.  This happens
because the actual playback happens in a separate thread (in
NuppelVideoPlayer) that is not synchronized (as it shouldn't be) with the
FF/REW control logic in tv_play.cpp.  So it seems that the sequence of
events is:

(1) TV::DoFF()	-- Tells NuppelVideoPlayer to skip ahead T seconds by setting
an indicator
(2) NuppelVideoPlayer:: -- thread w/while(1) loop
	- (2a) Thread sees FF indicator, skips # of frames.
	- (2b) Thread clears FF indicator
	- (2c) Thread continues while(1) loop, playing frames (audio & video),
(3) TV::DoFF() gets called again in main TV:: event loop and tells NVP to do
FF again.

This last step (3) doesn't happen if stickykeys are not enabled, so the
effect is not noticed.  If the threads were synchronized so that (3) always
happened before (2c), then the effect wouldn't occur, but I don't think
synchronizing the threads is desirable (or feasible).

My preferred method of solving this would be to somehow make
NuppelVideoPlayer aware that is is in "FF/REW" mode and so either not to
play frames, or to play them with no audio.  However, this code would then
be specific to NuppelVideoPlayer, and would have to be duplicated if other
player classes were ever introduced.  However, that may be considered an
insignificant issue.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

-Joe C.

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> Hummm... it is muted for me during FF/REW.
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