[mythtv] DB Schema Suggestions

Michael Pedersen michael.j.pedersen at verizon.net
Mon Apr 14 11:24:25 EDT 2003

Okay, time for me to suggest some alterations to the schema, just 
because I can find a decent use for them.

Mainly, I'm working on some glue between mythtv and mencoder in the form 
of a perl script. I'll be posting the current version today sometime 
before 2300GMT, and am pondering some of the next batch of updates to be 
done (yes, already doing so). Some items which would be good to store 
would be the following (on a per recording basis):

archiving - boolean - Should this recording be set up for archiving?
output filename - text - name of the file which should be output after 
video bitrate - integer - bitrate of the output video (in kbs)
audio bitrate - integer - bitrate of the output audio (in kbs)
output resolution - string - resolution of the output video

New default settings which could be considered
archival video bitrate
archival audio bitrate
archival output resolution

These settings would allow for defaults and for recording specific 
items. What does everybody think? Should I implement them?

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