[mythtv] Mythbackend CVS Coredump

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Sun Apr 13 18:49:01 EDT 2003

On Sunday 13 April 2003 02:35 am, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 12, 2003 at 04:13:50PM -0500, Brian Foddy wrote:
> > I'm sorry, but I guess I need more help understanding gdb on a
> > multi-threaded program.  I ran backend from gdb, it kept stopping with
> > signals SIG32, which I found out how to stop with 'handle SIG32 noprint',
> > so now it recorded several programs, then I got my SEGV, now its in the
> > debugger, but a bt only shows:
> Sounds like you're running an older gdb which isn't very thread-smart.  You
> can tell gdb to let these signals pass without interrupting the debugger
> (the 'handle' command) as a workaround, if you aren't having any other
> problems with gdb.

I'm running gdb 5.2.1 from Mandrake 9.0.  I found the handle command.
I see 5.3 is out,  is it supposed to be that much better?
> > I don't think very helpful.  I'm guessing gdb is pointing at a different
> > thread, how do
> > I jump to the thread that died?
> > I'll leave the gdb open for a while if you can reply quickly...
> 'info threads' to see the threads, 'thread <n>' to switch to a thread, most
> other things work as normal.
> If these commands don't work the way you expect, you may need to upgrade
> your gdb.

Info threads (a command I found after writing this note)
showed nothing, just a blank line.

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