[mythtv] Mythmusic - shuffle by album?

Mike Thomson linux at m-thomson.net
Mon Apr 14 00:08:20 EDT 2003

Hi folks

Thanks again for all the help - I now have 0.8 running off one boot volume
and CVS running from another. Most satisfactory.

Is there any interest in adding a Shuffle mode to mythmusic that shuffles
*by album*?

E.g. At the last song in an album, a random choice is made of all the albums
in the playlist, and the next track is the first off that album. Then track
2, 3, 4, ... N and then another random selection.

I suspect this isn't the simplest thing to code (?) but for those of us with
eclectic musical tastes, this avoids Marilyn Manson cutting in on Vivaldi,
which is a bit disconcerting to say the least!

Hope someone with better C++ than me is interested in scratching this


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